Brad Redding - Getting your game to stay on planeI get a lot of questions about my philosophy and phrase “Staying On Plane.”  It goes much deeper than just the golf swing.  It deals with all aspects of your game.  This would include, putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.  There are no straight lines in any golf shot.  Since the ball is on the ground and to the side of us on all golf shots (including putting) you need to swing the club on an arc that goes up and down and around.  The aspect of Staying On Plane envolves your attitude on the golf course.  Being calm and committed in every shot.  Never getting to high or too low.  Staying on a consistent “plane” mentally.I do have some specials for the rest of February before we get into our High Season here at Grande Dunes.  Check this out below as I am here to help you with ALL parts of your game.  As always I look forward to working with you and getting your game too…Stay On Plane,

Brad Redding/PGA Master Professional in Instruction

Half Day School in February
3 Hours of Instrution, Computer/Video internet analysis with recap of lesson and lunch. One Person $299 Two people $169 per person and $129 for 3 to 4 people.
Golf Lesson Packages
All private lesson are $130 that run 50 minutes in length and come complete with Computer/Video analysis with internet and smart phone recap of session. A package of 5 lessons is $625. Brad does have a yearly program called EPIC (Exclusive Players Improvement Club) Limited to 20 people. Email him for details
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