Indentifying and Fixing Swing Mistakes

“The logical steps to correctly identify the swing’s originating mistake is to first trace the ball flight mistake to impact:  what the club was doing at impact to cause the ball flight mistake.  Once the club’s mistake at impact is understood, then trace what the clubs was doing to cause the impact mistake.  Next tract what the golfer was doing to cause the club to be swinging incorrectly.  Then understanding why the golfer was swinging incorrectly.  You are now at the root cause of the golfer’s mistake.  You have correctly identified the swing mistake because it is now directly related to the golfer’s mistake; his ball flight.  The method employed to fix the swing mistake might vary from one instructor to another, but if both instructors are working to solve the same problem, just using different techniques, they are both correct.  This diagnosis method is fool proof.  It allows personal freedom for swing shaped to fit the individual’s body shape and athleticism.  It explains all golf swings, why they work and why they do not.  It eliminates guess work and absolute conformity to a model.  If reinforces what we see in golf, that all great golfers do not swing alike.  What they all do is produce correct and repetitive impacts.


It is through this diagnosis method that we can see John’s greatest contribution to golf.  That contribution is the impact he has had upon the game’s instructors.  Yes, John has helped thousands of golfers through his instruction, either personally or through books, articles, and appearances; but it is the instructors he has influenced that represents his legacy.  John’s generous sharing of his life’s work with other professionals is unparalleled.  The hundreds, if not thousands of instructors that he has mentored in turn each teach thousands of golfers.  These hundreds of thousands of golfers now have the chance to play the game better more quickly, easily, naturally and to understand why they do so.  It is through these instructors, worldwide, that he has lifted golf instruction out of personal preference and guess work into the light of logical understanding.  It is because of this that John has earned the mantel of the true ‘Father of Modern Golf Instruction.’”


For me that last paragraph says it all.  I was lucky but also very particular who influenced my teaching.  When I first met Hank he was able to answer all my questions and helped to answer all my student’s questions.  He was only logical that I sought out his mentors.  John Jacobs, Jim Hardy and then back to Hank.  And now I have many aspiring instructors come to my lesson tee in search of being a better instructor.  I am proud to follow in the footsteps of the gentlemen who have helped me along the way.